The S.A.E Phonics and English Program
  • Seriously Addictive English (S.A.E) is based on UK’s leading after-school English program. It uses a structured phonics approach and an integrated literacy skills curriculum to help children read fluently and write confidently.

  • Ages 4 to 7

    Develop fine motor skills and phonics skills to read, spell and write, and acquire vocabulary and early comprehension skills

  • Ages 8 to 12

    Consolidate reading skills, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension skills, grammar, punctuation, planning and independent writing skills

Why Choose S.A.E For Your Child?
  • Structured Phonics Approach

    Simplifies the English language into 44 sounds to learn to read words and spell words.

  • Integrated Literacy Skills

    Spiral curriculum to teach, consolidate, revisit and strengthen literacy skills.

  • Individual Learning Plan

    Each child is guided through an individual learning plan that suits his needs and pace.

  • Confidence and Success

    Key areas are learned in gradual steps and revised to ensure understanding.

Structured Phonics Approach

S.A.E uses a structured phonics approach that simplifies the English language into 44 sounds to help children to learn to read words and spell words without memorizing thousands of words individually.

Learning To Read And Spell

1. Say the individual sounds (phonemes) that make up a word

2. Merge the sounds together (blending) to say the word

D + O + G >> dog


1. Say the word and break it down (segmenting) into phonemes

2. Write the letter or letters (graphemes) that represent the phonemes

thank >> TH + A + NK

Overview of 6 Phonic Phases

1 >> Oral blending and segmenting using images and early letter recognition

2 >> 19 most common single letter sounds and some digraphs

3 >> 7 remaining single letter sounds, digraphs and some trigraphs

4 >> Digraphs, trigraphs, adjacent consonants and common spelling patterns

5 >> Digraphs, adjacent consonants, silent letters and split digraphs

6 >> Prefixes, suffixes, past tense, high frequency words and spelling rules

Integrated Literacy Skills Curriculum

S.A.E uses a well established spiral structure to teach, consolidate, revisit and strengthen literacy skills at increasingly complex standards of English.

Literacy Skills

Fine motor skills • Handwriting

Phonics • Reading

Comprehension • Spelling

Vocabulary • Punctuation

Grammar • Structuring text

Planning text • Independent writing

Learning Progression

1 >> Develop fine motor and perceptual skills

2 >> Acquire tools to read, spell and write

3 >> Revise core spelling and vocabulary

4 >> Transit to text in a range of genre

5 >> Understand, respond and create text

6 >> Achieve competency in English

Guided and Independent Practice

S.A.E worksheets are carefully structured to systematically develop reading and writing skills through a variety of activities and text types. Key areas are learned in gradual steps to ensure understanding and revised at increasing complexity.

Through guided practice in class and independent practice at home, children develop strong literacy skills, self-discipline and good study habits.

Individual Learning Plan

We use a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to pinpoint the skills a child has mastered and the skills the child needs more support with. Then, we prescribed a personalized learning plan tailored to each child at their own skill level and pace, because no two children learn alike.

In addition, we use the coaching approach with probing questions and a lot of encouragement to help students explore, discover and build confidence towards English.