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Besides IQ: Important Qualities Every Child Needs

IQ predicts future success in life, and there are studies have shown that IQ results can be a strong predictor of his or her future life outcomes, such as academic achievement, income and health. Besides IQ, research also reveals other factors involved in determining a child’s success later in life. Here are two big qualities […]

9 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Primary 1 Maths

Starting Primary 1 is one of the major milestones for your child and it can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Your child has to cope with many changes including a new routine at a new school as well as a bigger class size. He also has to learn to handle money and […]

4 Things To Do At Home To Enhance Your Child’s IQ

Can we enhance our child’s IQ through a stimulating environment at home? The answer is yes! Research shows it is possible to create a highly conducive environment for cognitive and emotional growth. A child surrounded by books and educational toys will leave positive imprint on their brain, which will follow through into their late teens. […]

A Practical Course On Bar Models

The bar model method is one of the key problem solving heuristics that students use to solve word problems in Singapore maths. It falls under the heuristic “draw a picture”. By drawing a pictorial model of a word problem, students are able to visualise, represent and relate the known and unknown quantities in the word […]

5 Strategies To Improve Math Scores, Backed By Research

Seeking ways to help your child perform better in math tests and exams? You may have to bid farewell to the familiar approach of amassing general purpose assessment books and test papers for practice drills, which may do little to cultivate interest or true understanding. “Students who avoid making an effort to understand mathematics concepts […]

5 Best Kept Maths Secrets Parents Should Know

Do you find it challenging to get your children to learn Maths? Here are some useful secrets to help get them going: 1. Study smart, not study hard Often, children may underperform in Maths when they have a poor grasp of the fundamental concepts. This might be due to that fact that they are learning […]

How To Improve Your Child’s IQ

In part one of our S.A.M series, we highlighted the importance of early math exposure for children, and debunked the myth that IQ is fixed at birth and cannot be improved in part two. In part three, we search for ways on how you can improve your child’s IQ. What makes children smart may surprise you. Contrary to […]

Can IQ Be Improved By Doing Maths?

Intelligence quotient, or IQ for short, is the relationship between a person’s potential and the statistical normal of all possible results. How is IQ measured? They are tested based on a person’s concrete and abstract reasoning in subject ways, based on age and development norms. It usually consists of a number of tasks measuring various […]

How Early Math Exposure Can Help Your Child Succeed

Math. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see this word? Math is usually associated with science, technology and engineering. But beyond the numbers, equations and formulas, the skills and critical thinking required to solve math problems help children master other subjects as well. Math is not just the foundation for careers […]